Creative Writing- Now and Then

Now and Then

My eyes’ glance catches on the glistening drops of water in the moonlight, elegantly perched on the tip of the grass stems. Grass envelopes the ground like a green blanket, covering all else in the vivid vastness of lush life. It was as if the grass sucked all colour from the surrounding leaving all else depleted. Perched behind the rolling hills of grass sitting poised is a house aged by years and years of weathering.  Sitting, waiting for a visitor to enter. Beckoning for me to draw nearer with an unspoken feeling. In the distance the silhouette of the house becomes more and more vivid, as I start without reason marching towards her. With each step nearer the screeches of bird calls stab into my ears filling me with feelings of dread. With each step my pulse amplifies pulsing through every inch of body. Thumping in time with my shallow breath like a metronome. With each step I swivel my head searching for the foreign sound, but only find a rich, sharp scent invade my nose. With each step water infests in between the cracks of my bare feet. My feet slapping the moist grass with a thud, echoing out. Getting caught like a net in her never ending vast front porch. My gait’s echo stuck on repeat overlapping with the last constructing the illusion that it may not be just me and her in this barren land.

A rusty red and yellow hue sheath the expanse of the undulating area of grass staring back at me as I scan the surrounding. I spy glimpses of golden light reflecting off the house illuminated in gold flakes, catching in her creases of the windows and doors. The light was endless rolling and dancing over the top of her tattered panels and empty windows. The house, still standing strong but in this morning I glance towards her with my mouth agape. The image of her is distorted, different from the night. With her silhouette instead sharp in this light, glossing the outline of her with a golden hue radiating out. Casting a glow of a golden light onto her surroundings. I can feel this lustrous luminous light embrace my skin with warmth. Pattering against my skin golden blossoms skim past my ankles in the warm breeze. Flooding with them the pungent sweet smell of the blooming flowers in the flowing air. The smell rushes like water through my body calming me. The beating of my heart is now even, calm. But really what was not calm here? Nothing. With the endless sun dried grass, animals rustling in the trees, the smells in the breeze–serene. Rising like the sun the number of morning songs of birds waking arises. More twirling in my ears as the minutes move on. Footsteps echo out around me, but not in the way that is eerie but in the sense of invitation of enjoyment. Her and I are not so different I finally grasp with all parts of my mind switched on. Our emotions changing like the weather, from grim and dull to full of life and wonder in a heartbeat.

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  1. Laura, please spend the lesson today reading through this writing, adjusting vocabulary that is quite repetitive; watch your sentence starters too: “it’s/it”. Reading your work out loud will assist to find these changes. Also, consider where effective changes in syntax are needed. For example, should some sentences be joined for a greater “flow” of ideas and should others be separated to show “difference” or “separation”?

    Lastly, are the two timeframes balanced? Look at any significant details that may need to be referenced or expanded on in the first timeframe.

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